Two-component face cream "OzonoBella"


Two-component face cream "OzonoBella", 40 ml


The secret of healthy facial skin is the restoration of the natural way of transporting nutrients and oxygen to skin cells.
This function is performed by ozonides - derivatives of ozone and polyunsaturated fatty acids derived from natural oils of natural origin, which are part of the cream "OzonoBella". Ozonides accelerate blood microcirculation, providing nutrition and oxygen exchange in both superficial and deep layers of the skin.
Even in fading skin, due to active breathing and nutrition, the self-healing processes begin.

Ozonides are natural anti-allergens.

Indications for use of cream "OzonoBella":
- prevention of early wrinkles, effective protection from UV rays;
- allergic rashes, dryness and dehydration skin, complex anti-age programs;
- acne.

The result of using the cream "OzonoBella":
- healthy, radiant skin of the face;
- increased antioxidant status, aimed at combating age-related skin changes;
- restoration of elasticity, lifting effect;
- clarification and smoothing of skin color;
- stimulation of the process of cell renewal;
- restoration of structure and normalization of nutrition skin;
- activation the protective functions of the epidermis;
- miorelaxation (relaxation and removal of internal tension) smooth muscle cells of the dermis and vessels, improvement of microcirculation;
- stimulation of lymphatic drainage, removal of skin edema;
- soft effect, suitable for very sensitive skin;
- lasting effect after application.
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