Cosmetic Balm «Ozonobella»


Cosmetic balm "OzonoBella", 40 ml


The balm has a very high activity, which is due to the exceptionally high content of ozonides obtained from natural vegetable oils, in combination with the active component of ozonide absorption.
It activates metabolic processes in the epidermis, has a detoxifying, anti-allergic effect, increases the intensity of energy processes. Stimulates the synthesis of proteins, including collagen and elastin, promotes the natural ability of the skin to retain water, increase the regenerative capacity of the epidermis.
With the active components, ozonides penetrate deeper layers of the skin, thus eliminating hypoxia of tissues, and optimize oxygen transport function of blood, increase oxygen utilization of cells.
Ozonides are natural anti-allergens.

Indications for the use of balm "OzonoBella":
- prevention of early wrinkles, effective protection against UV rays;
- allergic rashes, dryness and dehydration of the skin, comprehensive anti-age programs;
- acne

The result of application of balm "OzonoBella":
- healthy, radiant skin of the face;
- an increase in antioxidant status, aimed at fighting with age-related skin changes;
- restoration of elasticity, lifting effect;
- clarification and smoothing of skin color;
- stimulation of the process of cell renewal;
- restoration of the structure and normalization of skin nutrition;
- activation of protective functions;
- increasing the effectiveness of cosmetic products, applied in combination with balm;
- miorelaxation (relaxation and removal of internal tension) smooth muscle cells of the dermis and vessels, improvement of microcirculation
- stimulation of lymphatic drainage, removal of skin edema;
- mild effect, suitable for very sensitive skin;
- lasting effect after application.

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