Cosmetic preventive oil "OzonoVita Super Forte"


Composition of ozonides - derivatives of ozone and natural vegetable oils with a peroxide number of 1200 units, 30 ml


Pharmacological action:

detoxification (elimination of toxins, bacterial cells), antihypoxic (improving the supply of tissues with oxygen), anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, analgesic, has bactericidal (stops the growth of a bacterial cell in inflammation), antiviral and fungicidal properties. Interferon inductor. Promotes the formation of granular tissue. Stimulates local immunity of tissues and general immunity of the body.

As a therapeutic and prophylactic agent: applied topically in cases of furunculosis, pressure ulcers, trophic ulcers, herpes, genital warts, eczema, atopic dermatitis, angular hileitis, pyoderma, candidiasis, fungal skin and nail diseases, psoriasis, stomatitis prevention, gingivitis, periodontitis.

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