Cosmetic preventive oil "OzonoVita Medium"


Composition of ozonides - derivatives of ozone and natural vegetable oils with peroxide number 400 units, 30 ml


Pharmachologic effect:
detoxification (elimination of toxins, bacterial cells), antihypoxic (improving the supply of tissues with oxygen), anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, analgesic; has bactericidal (stops the growth of a bacterial cell in inflammation), antiviral and fungicidal properties. Interferon inductor. Promotes the formation of granular tissue. Stimulates local immunity of tissues and general immunity of the body.


As a cosmetic product - as a serum for facial massages.

As a therapeutic and prophylactic agent: it is used internally with reflux-esophagitis, hernia of the esophagus of the diaphragm, achalasia of the cardia, chronic esophagitis, gastritis,
ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, chemical burns of the digestive tract. Locally for the prevention and treatment of sunburn, the treatment of mucous membranes, with inflammatory diseases of the nose and ears. Nasally for the prevention of viral respiratory infections in adults and children.

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